Sincerely by Eleven ~ NYC~
Sincerely, a photo by Eleven ~ NYC~ on Flickr.

How many times have we hidden behind a smile just to make everything seem to be fine?
I’ve done it plenty of times, but there is one reason to always have smile, want to know the reason? It’s simple because we are alive. We have been given precious LIFE to live so I dare you now to live it with a smile. 🙂



Parked by Eleven ~ NYC~
Parked, a photo by Eleven ~ NYC~ on Flickr.

Its so interesting to sit down and look through the photographs I have captured during the day I notice things that I did not noticed at the scene, in this photograph I notice there is a man standing behind the truck checking his phone. What drew me to this scene was the bright yellows and the shadows! Shadows are so fun to work with!!!

The Sky

The Sky by Eleven ~ NYC~
The Sky, a photo by Eleven ~ NYC~ on Flickr.

What a gorgeous sky today…
Where beautiful birds fly from side to side
Those beautiful creatures God has created because he loves us all so much
Thank you My God My Love