I’m Falling For You

Yes! I am falling in love with fall. All the years of my life I had never experience a fall like this one. I love looking at the huge tall trees and the beautiful changing leaves. The weather is not too cold and everything seems to be so calming. The one thing that really irritates me about the city is that everything is decorated for Christmas even though yes I am very happy to hear that the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is approaching I begin to feel that the real meaning of Christmas has been lost in many ways everything is so much more about luxurious gifts. However that is another subject for another day. The warmth of the sun is so beautiful and natural much more pleasing than those crusty heaters in the apartments. The texture of the wood is rough yet so soft to my hands. Don’t you just want to lay on top of the pile of leaves and watch upon the beautiful sky. And it’s all so much more beautiful to me to understand that God has created all this goodness for us to enjoy. So let’s all enjoy this beautiful scene as much as possible my friends! Peace and love be with you my friends on this beautiful season.



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