Take A View Through This Lens..

Living in New York CIty all my life has had an impact on who I am. New York City as you may have heard is the city that NEVER sleeps. Everyone is always rushing here there and everywhere including myself. This is not how I want it to be but this is how we all become if we don’t take a minute or two to think is this really how I want to live my life rushing rushing rushing? I certainly do not this is where I feel photography comes into my life. When I am behind the viewfinder I feel a relief a calming feeling where its only me and some how everyone gets blocked out. I just sit back and analyze how others push, fight, argue, laugh, smile, hug and everything else they do. Photography is such an emotional media of art. Through it I plan to do all I can to show how all humans suffer and struggle to find the right path. Another impact New York City has had on my life is that I am use to being surrounded by so many different people from different cultures. I say it’s pretty cool.



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